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Invariably, we are asked on a daily basis Is carpet Protection Worth it? Let me answer the question this way if you know for for a fact, that there will be no chance of spills, large amounts of soil being ground into your carpeting, and or no pet stains, then I would say that protection is unnecessary for you. No you do not need carpet protection ever. However if there is even a remote possibility of these things happening to your carpet then the answer will always be yes. When we at R&R Carpet Cleaning apply protection to carpeting we are essentially coating the fibers just like a cooking pan is coated with the same teflon. If you do not wear shoes on the carpet, and you vacuum your carpeting frequently to remove abrasive soil, your protection will last. However, if you do wear shoes and you do not vacuum as frequently as is required, and then add in children, and pets, we then have a situation where the application of protection is necessary.

Each time you have your carpet cleaned you need to re-apply the carpet protector. Did you know the average carpet is replaced every ten years even though it begins to show signs of poor care within only five years. The industry refers to this as "Uglying Out vs. Wearing Out." This condition usually hits heavy traffic lanes first, causing carpet in these areas to look dull and dirty. Today's lighter carpets need professional care to keep them looking great until they truly wear out. To keep your warranty if effect, many manufacturers require that carpets are cleaned and have protector reapplied on a regular basis. By leaps and bounds, the best protector available is made by Dupont, it is called DuPont Teflon Advanced. It contains acid dye blockers as well as stain resistant teflon. Scotchgard is very good, but it does not contain acid dye blockers. Please contact us to set an appointment for your pre-inspection and free, no obligation exact written price. Our pre-inspection eliminates any surprises or hidden costs added on at the time of cleaning. Our price guarantee is valid for 60 days. We carry full liability insurance and a certificate of insurance is made available for your review.