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Pet Stains & Odors-R&R Carpet Cleaning

You know how it goes: One day out of the blue the family pet decides to relieve himself on your brand new carpet. Or perhaps you walk into your living room and catch a whiff of something like ammonia, or worse. Sometimes when your pet urinates on carpet the urine smell cannot be removed by simply spot cleaning the carpet. The reason is because once the urine evaporates under the backing of the carpet what stays behind are sticky crystallized uric acid salts. Uric salt provide a perfect food source for bad bacteria to feed on.

As the bacteria feeds on the uric acid salts they release ammonia gases. This is what you will begin to smell and associate with animal urine. You will definitely smell this more on a rainy or humid day. If you're not going to call in the professionals at R&R Carpet Cleaning then the main thing to do is take action immediately. First, try to determine which areas are soiled. Then clean those areas completely. As long as your pet can smell his personal scent, he'll continue to return to the carpet for his bathroom breaks. If you fail to completely clean the area, your re-training efforts will be useless.

Pet Urine Removal Services | Dog & Cat Odor

As a pet owner, you may have resigned yourself to smelly, unsightly carpets with stains. Besides creating an unpleasant and unhealthy environment, urine contamination can cause permanent damage to the surfaces with which it comes in contact. But if you're serious about maintaining the state of your flooring, R&R Carpet Cleaning Services is on hand to help. We are a well established carpet cleaning service in Houston, Texas - We consider ourselves to be pet stain and odor experts.

If you have urine contamination or other issues from your pets (and, yes sometimes people accidents too) our technicians have the experience and knowledge to remove the problem from your carpet safely, discretely, and effectively. We strive to make it look and smell like it never happened! You see, unwanted bad smells in your carpeting is caused by bad bacteria. If you remove or eliminate the source of the bacteria the odor is removed permanently.

This sounds pretty simple however most carpet cleaning companies just don't get it. You have to use a carpet shampoo or spotter that contains enzymes that will digest the unwanted bacteria. As long as there is any trace of bacteria in your carpet the foul odors will remain.