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Upholstery Cleaning Houston Texas

Hiring a reputed upholstery cleaning service is regarded as a worthwhile investment in homes and offices that care for their furniture and assets. How does your upholstery look and smell these days? Do they feel comfortable, but look a little dingy and faded? Or maybe they look great, but you haven’t had them deep cleaned in years. Your furnishings give a room its character, and those furnishings should be as clean as possible to be inviting to guests and family. Whatever the condition, you can rely on the professional services of R&R upholstery cleaning Houston to get your couches and chairs in the best shape they can be.

Just like the carpet in your home, your upholstery a lot of heavy abuse, because it is an essential piece it does require regular professional attention. You should considered upholstery cleaning at least once a year this will prolong the life of your fabric. Steam cleaning upholstery is recommended by the manufactures, this guarantees the elimination of dust mites, pet dander, odors, and accidental spills. Call R&R Upholstery Cleaning professionals to refresh your couch or sofa. Our upholstery service includes a two-step process that leaves your couch and chairs clean and fresh.

Your upholstery cleaning needs can be met.

Since we don't walk on our upholstery with dirty shoes, and we don't track the dirt and grime from outdoors onto your upholstered fabrics it's only natural that you also don't realize how heavily soiled your upholstered furniture can become. Let's face it people spills happen all the time. It seems that two minutes after diligent upholstery cleaning on your part, someone spills something and you face another tough upholstery cleaning task once again. From children to pets to guests, whoever the culprit is - your upholstery is a vulnerable victim time and again. Don't worry we are available seven days a week. Freshly cleaned upholstery looks almost as good as new and presents that image of your home to bring you personal satisfaction;

Our quality upholstery cleaning service will remove soils, oils and dirt that cannot be removed by regular vacuuming. The upholstery cleaning method that we use most on upholstery fabrics is steam cleaning. This method which is also called the extraction method uses pressurized jets of hot steam to loosen embedded dirt from the fibers. It is also one of the most Eco-Friendly methods as non-toxic chemicals or harsh detergents are required .We have helped upholstery owners save thousands of dollars. Our cleaning technicians have logged in countless service hours, cleaning a wide range of fabric types. 

Get your upholstery cleaned today.

Whether you have a red wine stain on your couch, or have noticed other spots and stains on your furniture, you may want to consider scheduling professional upholstery cleaning. With the advanced cleaning technology that your cleaners can provide to you, you will be able to completely eliminate any unsightly stains on your couch. After your professional upholstery cleaning has been completed, you will be amazed at the beautiful look of your furniture.